Sports Psychotherapy

What is Sports Psychotherapy?

Popular perceptions often presume that sports psychology is only concerned

with professional athletics. Many of my clients are high performing professional

or amateur athletes. However most of my clients are are normal, every day

people looking to improve their sports performance and enhance their lives.

I work with any sport and at all levels. Whatever the sport the techniques are

very similar.


There are two key areas of interest in sports psychology:


  • Understanding how psychology can be applied to improve motivation and performance.

  • Understanding how sports and athletics can improve mental health and overall well-being.

Sports psychology focuses on teaching skills to enhance athletic performance such as goal setting and imagery. It also involves combining mental training strategies from sports psychology with psychotherapy to help clients who suffer from mental health problems including stress,anxiety and depression.

Sports psychology encompasses a range of topics including:

  • Anxiety

  • Assessing Talent

  • Concentration

  • Counselling

  • Exercise Adherence

  • Expertise in Sport

  • General Well-Being

  • Motivation to Achieve

  • Motivation to Persist

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Readiness to Achieve

  • Recovery From Injury

  • Rehabilitation

  • Self Perceptions

  • Self Regulation Techniques

  • Teamwork

Who Do We Work With

Psychotherapy can include individual sessions with athletes as well as group work incorporating teams and support staff. Practitioners in this field can approach it from a number of perspectives and may integrate various psychological concepts into their work, including guided visualization, team-building exercises, and talk therapy.

Athletes can experience performance problems related to psychological barriers like being afraid of the next level of competition, having trouble focusing at events, and experiencing a lack of cohesion with the rest of a team.


On an individual level, sports psychotherapy can identify the specific problem an athlete faces and work on resolving it. For example, an equestrian concerned about more advanced competition might focus on past accomplishments, positive feedback from trainers, and other supporting information that indicates readiness.

Groups can also benefit from sports psychotherapy. The therapist may work with a team that isn’t functioning well together to help them coordinate, communicate, and improve their dynamics. Exercises can encourage members of the team to trust each other and develop stronger bonds so they perform better on the field. This may also include individual work to address particular issues, like someone who feels excluded by the team or who experiences anxiety relating to perceptions about performance.

Whatever your sports concern, North Oak can help you. I can work with an individual or more than one person  to support you in your journey back to a healthy life.

Just remember North Oak offers trained, experienced and confidential  Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I am here for you in your time of need and to help you make the right choices. Should you need any more information or would like to book an appointment please click the link or send a message using the form below. I am also more than happy to receive your texts, emails or telephone calls... whichever is easier for you.


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