Our Pricing Policy is transparent. You will never be charged more than the amount on this page. Booking in advance for six sessions can save you a considerable amount of money if you choose to.


Please note: Our price includes 'Between Session Contact.' See below for more details. As far as I am aware no counsellors or hypnotherapists offer this service to their clients.

Other Offers May Be Available. Please ask during your assessment. and check the website regularly.

30 Minute Assessment & 30 Minute Psychotherapy, CBT or Hypnotherapy (1hr)


Counselling, Psychotherapy &

Hypnotherapy (each 1hr)


Pre-Book 6 Sessions of Counselling & Psychotherapy

Pre-Book 6 Sessions of Hypnotherapy


CBT 40


Life & Career Coaching (1hr)


Couples or Family Counselling


Pre-Book 4 Sessions of Life & Career Coaching


Stop Smoking Package (5 Sessions - each 1hr)

Weight Loss Package (5 Sessions - each 1hr)





£30 (was £35)

£45 (was £60)

£45 (was £60)

£225 (was £295)

£225 (was £295)

£35 (was £40)

£40 (was £55)

£60 (was £75)

£130 (was£165)

£200 (was £240)

£200 (was £240)

Super Sale!

All discounts will remain at the prices in red for the duration of your treatment - however long that may be.

I work in two locations for your convenience:


Firstly I work at the North Oak Clinic at 13 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley, LS285JR which is open every day.

Secondly i work at the Workhouse Clinic which is at the Workhouse Fitness, Farsley (Springfield Commercial Centre, Unit 13B, Bagley Lane, LS285LY). This clinic has limited opening hours.



Please use the scroll bars to see Sunday opening times.

Our price offers a full service to you our clients. We extend our service to include contact with your counsellor or Hypnotherapist between sessions. This is to enable you to make positive changes to your life between your appointments. Should you hit a stumbling block or have a worry or concern you can contact us by email or text and we will reply as soon as possible (always within 24 hours and usually the same day).


If there is an emergency we also allow you to call us for extra help should the need arise. Your counsellor/hypnotherapist will discuss this with you during your assessment.

Price Promise: Our prices will not go up for the duration of your treatment, however long or short that may be.

Should you wish to cancel an appointment please give us 24 hours notice. Full payment may be required if this is not met without a good reason. We appreciate sometimes emergencies do happen and we aim to be as flexible as possible.


Richard Mill

North Oak

13 Priesthorpe Road







Tel: 0113 256 1374

Mob: 07515 673 103

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