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Why Is Meaning and Purpose Important?

A clear purpose and direction in life can help restructure even difficult crises into opportunities for growth and renewed motivation, a life purpose may be an essential aspect of mental well-being. When this purpose is lacking or unclear, a general indifference toward life may be experienced.


Difficult times may be far less terrifying or devastating when a lasting meaning to one’s life is already present or can be developed through the work of therapy. Without such meaning or purpose, even small challenges can grow and feel overwhelming, confusing, and painful.


Therapy can help in regaining touch with lasting values, beliefs, needs and goals and in treatment, a sense of meaning and purpose can be built around these. Techniques such as meditation, and other powerful tools for getting in touch with inner guidance can also be explored in sessions, and with these techniques, a sense of purpose and meaning that may lend a renewed structure to life can often be regained.

Difficulties Faced without a Sense of Purpose

If we do not have a meaningful purpose that guides us every day and over the course of our lives, making important decisions, resolving internal and external conflicts, planning for the future, choosing friends and partners, and making sense of suffering become very difficult. Without a chosen, “higher” purpose, life gives us a sort of default purpose: avoid suffering as much as possible.


If this is all life means, we are sure to suffer more, not less, because the human mind and spirit need creativity, accomplishment, fulfillment and meaning that the avoidance of suffering alone cannot provide. Further, the experience of some suffering is necessary for us to learn and grow; if we try to avoid it at all costs (which is impossible anyway), we never mature.

Therapy can help you get in touch with your lasting values, beliefs, needs and goals, and build a sense of meaning and purpose around these. It can also teach you techniques – such as meditation, CBT, NLP and other powerful tools – for getting in touch with your own inner guidance, which can help you discover a sense of purpose and meaning to guide you through life.

Life counseling services will make you more accountable.

When you set your own goals and objectives, they could fall off your radar and be placed on the back burner. As life counselors we will make sure you are accountable for reaching the steps toward your goals. We will help you with mental-block hurdles and will ask you about your progress toward your goals when you have therapy sessions.

Life counselors are problem solvers, and you can be, too.

  • Do you have a problem that is holding you back?

  • Are you afraid to speak your mind during a meeting, gun-shy about starting your own business or finding it challenging to have those difficult conversations with a loved one?


A life counselor will help you look at things from different sides and work with you to formulate plans to achieve your own personal and professional successes. For example, if you are prone to stress and its aftereffects, a life counselor will help you find ways you can problem solve away from the "therapist's couch."

What is problem Solving Therapy?

Problem-solving therapy refers to a psychological treatment that helps to teach you to effectively manage the negative effects of stressful events that can occur in life. Such stressors can be rather large, such as getting a divorce, experiencing the death of a loved one, losing a job, or having a chronic medical illness like cancer or heart disease.


Negative stress can also result from the accumulation of multiple “minor” occurrences, such as ongoing family problems, financial difficulties, constantly dealing with traffic jams, or tense relationships with co-workers or a boss. When such stressful problems either create psychological problems or exacerbate existing medical problems, such as coping with cancer or difficulties adhering to a medication regimen, problem-solving therapy can help you.


Problem-solving therapy can also help people who have more complex problems, such as “wanting to find one’s personal meaning of life.”  Problem-solving therapy has been found to be effective for a wide range of problems, including:


  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Emotional Distress

  • Dealing with Stress

  • Family & Relationship difficulties

  • Life Goal Setting

  • Finding Meaning and Purpose

  • Setting Up A New Business

  • Dealing with Life Changing Situations

  • Coping with Illness (your own, your loved ones or those you care for)

Skills You Will be Taught include:


Making effective decisions.

Generating creative means of dealing with problems.

Accurately identifying barriers to reaching one’s goals.


In general, the goals of problem-solving therapy are to help you to:


  • Identify which types of stressors tend to trigger emotions, such as sadness, tension, and anger.

  • Better understand and manage negative emotions.

  • Become more hopeful about your abilities to deal with difficult problems in life.

  • Be more accepting of problems that are unsolvable.

  • Be able to plan systematically in the ways you attempt to resolve stressful problems.

  • Be less likely to avoid situations when problems occur.

  • Be less impulsive about wanting a “quick fix” solution.


Problem-solving therapy is thought to be an effective therapy approach because it helps people deal more effectively with the wide range of difficulties and stressful problems that occur in everyday living. A large body of scientific evidence indicates that negative stressful events are a significant contributor to health and mental health disorders. Problem-solving therapy is geared to assist individuals cope more effectively with stressful life problems and can therefore decrease psychological and emotional difficulties, as well as improve the quality of life of individuals allowing them to plan effectively for the future.

Whatever your goals or concerns, North Oak can help you. I can work with an individual or more than one person  to support you in your journey through life.

Just remember North Oak offers trained, experienced and confidential  Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I am here for you in your time of need and to help you make the right choices. Should you need any more information or would like to book an appointment please click the link or send a message using the form below. I am also more than happy to receive your texts, emails or telephone calls... whichever is easier for you.


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