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Are You Ready for A Change?

Do you feel that life could be better?
Are you stuck in a rut?
Have you got a dream that you would love to achieve?
Do you know the change you want to make but never seem to get

round to it?
Do you lack the confidence to live your dreams?
Are you just drifting along?
Is work taking over your life?
Has life changed and you’re wondering what to do next?

Life Coaching has helped many people to become the person they want to be, both personally and professionally. I offer a free initial consultation — find out if Life Coaching can help you reach a new, fulfilling stage in your life.

If you want to make changes in your life, even if you’re not sure what they are.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about helping you to be what you want to be. The coach acts as an impartial person to develop a plan that will help you to achieve your goals and dreams. The coach will help you to find the choices available to you and turn them into a plan for improving your life.

If you already know the changes you want to make, the coach will help make these a reality. If you don’t know what’s wrong, but have a niggling feeling that things could be better, the coach can help you to see your issues more clearly and put together an action plan to overcome them.

The coach helps you to produce an action plan by listening carefully, questioning and challenging. You will not have to talk about anything that you are unhappy to discuss or do anything that you are unwilling to do. The coach will bring different techniques to the sessions that can help you overcome difficulties and obstacles – you will be invited to try them but never forced to do so. Coaching is a very safe environment and you can talk about anything that you want to bring to the coaching session.

Once you have your action plan, you will meet regularly with your coach over a few weeks by agreement, so that the meetings match your chosen pace. You will review your progress together and examine issues that are blocking your path. Your coach will help you make the plan a reality.

Coaching is a collaborative, solution focused approach to unlocking a clients true potential. Coaching can be productive for any area of a clients life bringing about motivation and empowerment. Releasing the feeling of being stuck and inducing change. Coaching works in the here and now in a goal orientated way by breaking down the goal into ways which help a client approach and attain their goals.

What can’t Life Coaching do?

Life coaching does not aim to be therapy or counselling. It’s about looking

forward and making positive changes rather than looking backwards to make

sense of a bad situation.

A life coach does not claim to be a doctor, a lawyer or a financial adviser and

cannot give advice on medical, legal or financial matters, though your coach

may suggest that it’s appropriate for you to visit one of those


A life coach can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. You must be

committed to wanting to change. The life coach can then help you make this


Why have a Life Coach?

You can do this on your own. There are plenty of self help books around and, if you follow them faithfully, and have absolute discipline with yourself, you will get results. It’s very hard. It’s so easy to find a reason why you can’t do a particular action just yet and months and years can slip by with no change.

Using a life coach gives you a better chance of achieving results:


  • The coach will act as an impartial person to help give you a better perspective on the issues you face, help you expand the choices available to you and help you test your action plan so that it can really happen.

  • The coach will bring a variety of techniques to help you overcome obstacles, many of which need two people.

  • A life coach will help you see how good you really are and improve your self esteem.

  • A life coach keeps you focused on your action plan, motivates you to keep the pace up and helps find ways around the barriers that can crop up.


The fee for 'Life & Career Coaching' is £50 per session inclusive of VAT. However our service extends to contact between sessions which most coaches do not allow. We are happy to receive emails, texts and calls (during normal working hours) when our clients have emergency problems or would like further guidance. Payment can be made through PayPal online, cheque, online banking or by cash. You can also request an invoice which will be sent in a timely manner.

One Session of Life & Career Coaching: £55

Pre-Book 4 Sessions of Life & Career Coaching: £165 (1 Session FREE)


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